Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Miss Priss Tutus

I have met some amazing and talented women since I have entered the business world! I recently met Dallas, owner of Miss Priss Tutus. Dallas and I are both Work At Home Mothers and former teachers! One difference between us is our children. I have one little boy and she is the mother of two little girls. Yes, little boys are a lot of fun, but, let's face it . . .for girl-ie mothers like me (you know who you are!) . . . sometimes playing dress-up and having tea parties sounds like so much fun!! When I took a look at Dallas' website,, I couldn't believe my eyes! What gorgeous, fun, beautiful tutus! From butterfly tutus to ladybug tutus to holiday tutus, there's a tutu for every occasion! They're also available for every age. From infants to tweens, teens and yes!! ADULTS! Dallas says, "You're never too old to wear a tutu!" Her prices are absolutely wonderful and the color selection is innumerable!
This tutu dress is just adorable and perfect for Christmas!
I know that I will definitely be ordering from Miss Priss Tutus when I have a little girl . . . or a little niece!
Visit Miss Priss Tutus here: